Potion Punch Rivals

Potion Punch Rivals puts your shopkeeping, potion punching skills to the test! Go head-to-head with fellow heroes and see who the best Keeper in the kingdom is in Potion Punch's very own competitive multiplayer spin-off!

Spice up the classic Potion Punch formula with a dash of contention! Race against your rival to see who can take orders first, prep fastest, and serve best. Keep up with the competition because whoever earns the most profit wins!

Run your shop as series favorites like starry-eyed alchemist Lyra and grumpy ol' Noam, or new characters like the overconfident perfectionist Han Dae-Mann or savvy spellsword Zuri Abedayo! With their unique skills and deity's blessings, you're sure to gain an edge.

Battle your way to the top in Potion Punch Rivals!